Friday, June 17, 2005

Sikhism in Singapore

Sikh organisations in Singapore that represent their interests include the Sikh Advisory Board and the Central Sikh Gurudwara Board. The latter provides an insightful history of how the organisation arose and the early history of Sikhism in Singapore although AllAboutSikh provides more details to this story and a list of key Sikh temples and their addresses. A list of Sikh temples with pictures and short histories can be found at Singapore Mirror

This marks the end of a survey of websites on Singapore religions. The list of religions cited here are not exhaustive. However, if new information can be found, this will be added.


Huda Ba'haroon said...

Nice site u have here.

The Saigon Tai-tai said...

Thanks Huda. Are you a Sikh? Thanks for visiting

Huda Ba'haroon said...

Well, I am a Muslim. :)