Saturday, April 29, 2006

Singapore's General Elections (2006) - Alternative Opinions

Although podcasting has been banned, there have been a number of blogs set up solely on this subject.

These include Sg Election'06 which offers Singlish/English opinions, links to sites and quotable quotes (started in Feb 06). It is a collaborative effort by bloggers from Singapore Ink, The Void Deck and From a Singapore Angle.

SGRally offers the archiving of rally speeches and activities. However, Singapore Election Watch offers a wider range of rally videos and broadcast interviews from the opposition parties. Although visually poor, you can catch the actual messages from the various parties. The comments on the site also give good insights to sentiments from the ground.

Politician's have also revamped or updated their personal websites. Check out James Gomez's site.

Existing blogs which highlight some measure of opinions and details about elections include Singabloodypore and Singaporegovt. Others such as Little Speck's offer insightful articles including quotes from rallies and Yawning Bread's which has photo essays on rallies and Nomination Day.

Discussions from the ground can be read on Alfresco Coffeeshop.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Singapore's General Elections (2006) - Political Parties

Party news and updates can be found in their respective party websites.

The ruling party, the People's Action Party (PAP), has a summary of campaign activities by constituencies and a listing of new candidates. Check the main page for news and upcoming rallies.

The Singapore Democrat (SDP) currently has suspended its letters section and its podcast. News of latest developments can be obtained from its homepage.

The Singapore People's Party (SPP/SDA) is a component party of the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) and comprises four other political parties, namely the Pertubohan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapore (PKMS), the National Solidarity Party (NSP), the Singapore People's Party, and the Singapore Justice Party (SJP). Check the Press Release for party responses and strategies. Check the main page for rally updates. Their candidates are profiled on the Channel NewsAsia site.

The Workers' Party (WP)has visual representation of the constituencies they are contesting in and a listing of candidates and their profiles with more personal details found in the Channel NewsAsia site. Check the main page for news and notices.

Party manifestos have been compiled by Channel NewsAsia but only for PAP and WP. Also available are a listing of rally sites,

Singapore's General Elections (2006) - News & Information

On 27 April 2006, "for the first time in 18 years, the PAP has not returned to power on Nomination Day" (CNA). For more on the elections, the Elections Department offers a map of the electoral divisions, results of past parliamentary elections, a register of voters (access only to personal records), instructions on voting and on overseas voting

Get media updates from the Straits Times' General Elections page (subscription required and Channel News Asia's GE 2006 webpage. A special section on Yahoo!Singapore News on the General Elections wraps up news from various media agencies. The site also presents the contestants for the various constituencies.

For succinct background information, Wikipedia has an article on this, the most recent General Elections in Singapore.