Saturday, April 29, 2006

Singapore's General Elections (2006) - Alternative Opinions

Although podcasting has been banned, there have been a number of blogs set up solely on this subject.

These include Sg Election'06 which offers Singlish/English opinions, links to sites and quotable quotes (started in Feb 06). It is a collaborative effort by bloggers from Singapore Ink, The Void Deck and From a Singapore Angle.

SGRally offers the archiving of rally speeches and activities. However, Singapore Election Watch offers a wider range of rally videos and broadcast interviews from the opposition parties. Although visually poor, you can catch the actual messages from the various parties. The comments on the site also give good insights to sentiments from the ground.

Politician's have also revamped or updated their personal websites. Check out James Gomez's site.

Existing blogs which highlight some measure of opinions and details about elections include Singabloodypore and Singaporegovt. Others such as Little Speck's offer insightful articles including quotes from rallies and Yawning Bread's which has photo essays on rallies and Nomination Day.

Discussions from the ground can be read on Alfresco Coffeeshop.

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