Monday, September 26, 2005

Collections in Singapore about Asia (II)

The National University of Singapore has a wealth of information in its libraries and faculties on Singapore and Asia. The Singapore-Malaysia collection in the NUS Central Library offers unique academic resources such as the newspaper clippings and a strong theses collection on the region. It also has unique print and non-print (ranging from databases to microfilms) in its holdings. It has a range of online bibliographies on Singapore covering aspects of history(including a Chinese version), statistics, literature and related topics. The Singapore National University Press has recently posted free online publications and serials - the Singapore E-Press focused on Singapore - and its own blog! Of course updates of new titles are also made available. Within the History Department of the Arts Faculty is an informative History Society with its journal available online since 2001. Check out the seminars and talks for special invited speakers. Beyond their zingy Flash introduction, the Geography Department also has interesting lists of research areas and publications. Unfortunately, none seem accessible online.

The University ground is also the location of several institutions with rich collections on Asia. The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies has revamped its website and offers access to working papers (back issues), journals and monographs, besides its library's catalogue and bookshop. The Institute of Policy Studies "is a think-tank dedicated to fostering good governance in Singapore through strategic policy research and discussion" with research areas extending to various Asian countries. It has online working papers which is freely accessible. The Asia Research Institute offers a large number of online papers along with insightful workshops and seminars conducted all year round.


Ivan Chew said...

Hey, thanks for this! BTW, I have a suggestion for you to consider -- post a few reviews of some useful but relatively unknown Singaporeana, plus some thumbnail scans (I'm more a visual sort of person).

Juliet Ng said...


I think you are a genius! A good idea and website of humour and facts!



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