Friday, September 30, 2005

The Eurasians in Singapore

The Eurasians in Singapore are families made up of a mix of European and Asian cultures. These include an intertwining of Portuguese, Dutch, British, Chinese, Malay and Indian pedigree. These families have lived in Singapore for many generations.

Updates on the current Eurasian community can be found in the Eurasian Association, particularly their Eurasian Newsletter, Cuisine page and Forum which covers topics ranging from geneaology search to receipes. The Malacca Portuguese Eurasian Association has more information and colour.

Kerry Reutens has attempted to develop a portal on local Eurasians and has an interesting short article on who the Eurasians are. More details are available in the Wikipedia article about Eurasians although even this is yet to be completed. The Cristao article on the language of Portuguese Eurasians has great depth however.

The Eurasian Company of the Singapore Volunteer Corps gives invaluable insight to the contributions of this voluntary team of military men. It displays photos, a muster roll, articles and a detailed bibliography.

Fernandis'article describes the challenges of identity facing Portuguese Malaysians.

Eurasians often have complex geneologies but this hasn't stopped them from working out their family tree. Families like the Shepherdsons, Theseira have put up their own websites.

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